Performance Coatings International Laboratories, LLC an ISO-9001:2015 registered company offers precision Surface Finishing & Machining services. We have over 60 years’ experience providing:

    Coated Chromafilter® Sheets
    EMI Shielding Windows and Signage
    Custom Fabrication & Finishing of Plastic Parts
    Surface Finishing of Customer Supplied Plastic Parts and Sheets

PCI Labs offers precision Toll Coating (contract manufacturing and development) services, specializing in the application of high-performance functional coatings onto injection molded, extruded and cast plastic flat and 3D parts (up to 24″ x 48″) in our modern, environmentally controlled production facilities. PCI Labs’ toll coating capabilities include fully automatic 6-axis spray lines with in-line process control, in clean room manufacturing area to class 10,000 (Fed STD 209-E), ISO-7 (ISO 146441-1)

Customized Applications


Customized coating solutions and new product development support are hallmarks of our manufacturing and R&D capabilities to meet your unique finishing requirements and specific performance needs.


Markets Served


Instrumentation, Interior & Exterior Lighting, Rear & Side PC Panels


Gauges Instruments EMI Shielding Window Displays, Exterior Lighting, Airport Message Boards


Lenses, Face Shields, Sports Eyewear, Riot Helmets, Night Vision

Consumer Electronics

Molded Display Windows, Panels and Portable Devices, Cellular Phone Displays


Keyboards and Displays

Test Laboratory Instruments

Displays, LCD, GPS Units, Machine Guards


Displays and Panels


POS Terminals, Glazing, Bar Code Scanners, Marine Instruments, Graphic Signage, Appliances, Retail Displays



Architectural Glazing

Sports and Recreation

Face Shields
Safety Goggles


Customers Include