PCI Labs Manufacturing Processes
Increase Speed to Market
With Proven Cost-Effective Solutions
For High-Performance Thermoplastic Materials.

Everything we do at PCI Labs is process driven. That is how we meet deadlines, produce consistent quality and deliver on time products to earn repeat business. Our proven lean manufacturing processes and enhanced services create greater value, offer advantages and added benefits to new product launches.

Coatings Technology - Surface Finishing

24” – Automated Spray Line (600 mm – wide, Injection Molded Parts, Sheets)
56” – Part and Sheet fully Automated Spray Line (1400 mm – wide, Large Injection Molded Parts, Sheets)
24” Flow Coat 100% Solids Automated Line (600 mm – wide, Sheets)
12” Spin Coat line (300 mm, 3-D Parts)
UV Dosage Energy – 12000 mJ/cm2
Oven Temp. 250 °F (120 °C)
Clean Room -Class 10000 (Fed STD 209-E), ISO-7 (ISO 146441-1) Substrate Plasma Treatment
Thermal, UV, 100% Solids Coatings
Chemical Mixing & Dosing
Chemical Testing

Plastic Fabrication Services

CNC Precision Saw Cutting
CNC Routing/Drilling
Punching/Blanking (Die-Cut)
Steel Rule Die Cut / Shearing

plastic fabrication

Plastic Finishing Services

Screen, Pad and Digital Printing
EMI/RFI Shielding, AR and Transparent Conductive Coatings
Custom Application of Adhesives Tapes and Gaskets
Wrapping, Masking and Packing

Value Added Services

Chemical Surface Finish Application Technology Assistance
QC Solutions for Coatings & Plastics
Part & Process Validations & Qualifications
Pilot Plant
Thermal, Mechanical, Chemical & Environmental Lab Testing

manufacturing processes

Thermal & UV Coatings Offered:

Scratch Resistant Coatings Chemical Resistant Coatings Anti-Glare (AG) Coatings
Anti-Reflective (AR) Coatings High Diffusion Coatings Textured Coatings
Soft Touch Coatings Dry-Erase Coatings Anti-Graffiti Coatings
Anti-Fog Coatings Anti-Microbial Coatings Anti-Static & Conductive (ITO, Gold) Coatings
Anti-Newton Ring (ANR) Coatings Weatherable Coatings Numerous Others

Plastics & Glass:

Polycarbonate (PC) ABS Tritan Copolymer
Acrylic (PMMA) ADC Polyester
PET/PET-G CR-39 Metallized Plastic